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How Do You View The Leadership Of Your Church?

Monday, March 27, 2017

What does leadership look like in your church? How about your leadership style?

I conducted a study of the leadership styles of our early New Testament church leaders as well as the ministry of Jesus. This was an intensive study, covering the books of Ephesians, Acts, and The Gospel of Mark. I was encouraged, yet convinced that there is much work to do in many of our churches. Along with the study, I reviewed the Nine Marks of a Healthy Church Model. Please see the link below. So, how does your church match up to the example of the early New Testament church? How is your leadership style in view of the example set by Jesus and the Apostle Paul?

Jesus – Biblical Leadership

Jesus was mission-minded. He was connected to the source from the beginning, always modeling what He expected. He kept up with a routine – Went regularly to the synagogue; prayed quite often, most times alone and in remote places; He relied upon the Father (the ultimate expression of leadership – You see me, you see the Father); He was a man of authority – He spoke the Word of God; He cared about injustice – Jesus confronted those taking advantage of the less fortunate and the weak (we see this in his care for children, the poor, widows, women, and sinners). Jesus confronted sin and hypocrisy – Wherever He saw it, He addressed the issue head-on, rebuking when necessary. Jesus considered sin and hypocrisy the likes of ‘leaven’, affecting everyone and everything it touched. Jesus was compassionate – He cared about the physical needs of the people. We see this in His acts of healing, providing food, working miracles, and casting out demons. His work ethic was unquestioned – He got up early and worked till late; yet He was sure to encourage His disciples to rest.



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