Judah’s Last Days: 2 Kings 22/ 2 Chronicles 34


Monday, January 28, 2019

Responding To The Word Of God

 The inspired Word of God, the Bible, has to power to change lives and to bring reform. It is God-breathed and therefore power of itself. King Josiah with the help of the priests, recovered what is said to be the Pentateuch during the period of his reformation. His attitude after reading the book is one that every ministry leader seeks to gain after preaching or teaching the Word. King Josiah’s attitude is also a model for how all believers should respond when they conduct devotions. When the book was read in his presence, the king “tore his clothes” (2 Kings 22:11). 

When we read or hear the Word of God, it should prick our hearts, move us to holy fear, and reveal to us the deficiencies of our hearts (Henry). Josiah “rend his garment”, but we should “rend our hearts” in response to God’s holy Words. Under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, Josiah’s spiritual eyes, ears, and heart was opened, moving him to “inquire of the Lord concerning the words of the book” (2 Kings 22:13). This should be our attitude. This is the attitude we should expect when we are committed wholly to God personally and in ministry. When the Apostle Peter spoke the words of God to the people gathered in Jerusalem “they were pierced to the heart, and said to Peter and to the rest of the Apostles, “Brethren, what shall we do?” (Acts 2:37) This is the question God wishes to ask us all so that sinful people can obtain redemption and the forgiveness of sins. What God seeks is a heart like Josiah – a response to His Word that leads to reverence, repentance, restoration, and reform. 


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