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Don’t Get Discouraged

Monday, May 13, 2019

Ever fell into the trap of asking (or even complaining to) God about the returns on your investment in His kingdom? One young man felt so good about his prospects that he was confident enough to say to Jesus “I’ve kept all the laws.” The disciples looking on saw a very disappointed young man walk away in response to Jesus’ answer. At this point, Peter quips “Well, we’ve left everything to follow you. What’s in it for us?” (Mat. 19:27; emphasis mine).

We just can’t help ourselves in not only comparing ourselves with others, but asking the same set of questions the original audience put to Jesus:

  • What will I (we) get for our labor? 19:27
  • Why don’t I get more for my effort? 20:11
  • How can this be fair?” 20:12
  • Since I (we) have sacrificed so much, will I (we) receive more than him/her?” 20:21-22

These questions often lead to a spirit of discontent. Jesus addressed this issue in Matthew 20, summing up His answer with “So the last shall be first, and the first will be last” (Mat. 19:30). Kingdom priority is totally reversed. We can get bogged down with those types of questions, feeling discontented, discouraged, depressed and living in constant despair. But the truth is, we can never out-give God, and have absolutely no reason to question God’s dealings with others. In fact, Jesus encourages us not to “judge” (Mat.7:31). So what if others seem to be winning now? So what if someone has more than me? So what if the other person seems to be getting ahead (faster, accumulating more)? Here’s assurance- The Lord will more than compensate those who have sacrificed for Him (19:29). There will not only be physical blessings, but eternal blessings. “While it may appear you are giving up everything now and seemingly “last,” rest assured you will be eternally rewarded and be among the “first”. While those who “appear to have everything now” and reject God will discover they have lost everything and be “last.” Take courage! You cannot out-give God. Keep on doing the work of ministry!

Minister Kevin A. Hall (08.29.18)



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