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Why Baptize?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Perspective on Baptism

The following is a block quote that serves as an excellent apologetic for Believer’s Baptism:

“In the NT, baptism represents at least three and possibly four things. First, it signifies cleansing from sin and is thus “unto repentance.” Obviously, the threat of judgment is behind the need for baptism, but baptism itself is (symbolically) the means of escape from judgment. Those who are baptized acknowledge their guilt and seek to have it washed away. Second, baptism is a ritual dying and rising again, symbolizing the believer’s participation in the death and resurrection of Christ. This is the point of Col 2:12. Third, it is a “sincere pledge/request to God” because in baptism one comes to God in genuine faith, seeking forgiveness, and desiring to walk in the light. Fourth, it may represent the effusion of the Holy Spirit upon the believer after the patterns of the descent of the Spirit at Jesus’ baptism and the reception of the Spirit by Cornelius’ household just prior to their baptism (Acts 10:44–48).”[1]

[1] Duane A. Garrett, “Meredith Kline on Suzerainty, Circumcision and Baptism,” Believer’s Baptism, Nashville, TN: B&H, 2006).


Written by Dr. Kevin A. Hall



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