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Christian Ed & Talk is the education arm of The Way organization. We are dedicated to the proliferation of the Gospel and equipping leaders as change agents. We believe collaboration that is transformational. As such, our prayer is that like-minded individuals and organizations wishing to advance Missio Dei’s interests will partner with us to proclaim the Gospel through our various initiatives and move persons toward image-renewal. 

The journey to the point has been long, yet rewarding. The author of this post has now earned a doctorate in Christian Educational Leadership. It is, therefore, our passion to collaborate for the greatest revival of biblical literacy which promotes reconciliation and spiritual maturity. 

Your support in sharing posts and donations toward education and feeding initiatives are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Blessings!

Early Bio for Dr. Kevin A Hall

I am a Full-time Student of Theology and an Ordained Minister (NACM). I call myself a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is my desire that “His Kingdom Come” in every area of my life. My wish is to meet “Persons of Peace” every day so that together we can fulfill Christ’s mandate to Go, Reach, Teach, and Make Disciples. My wife and I have been married for 11 years. As of last year (2017), the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful little girl. I have an extensive background in retail, but since 2016 felt an intense call to “take a leap of faith” and answer the call to work for the Master full-time. All things working together, I made a decision to give up the pursuit of the corporate retail ladder. Talk about a “jump”. So, here we go…preparation, preparation. I feel like the Apostle Paul, who went to Jesus school for three years. We reside in Florida. The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to spend some time in one of the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. It is here that the Lord has seen fit for me to spend time in fellowship with Him as I prepare for His work.

As far as ministry experience – I am presently the Sunday School Director for a church in Miami. I have worked in the capacities of Children’s Ministry Director, Youth worker, Sunday School teacher, Choir member, Young Men’s Outreach, and Radio Ministry Director. Sunday School is my passion. I am currently assisting an assembly of a P. A.W. organization to teach general Sunday School on Sunday mornings.

There is much work to do. Jesus said “Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest” (John 4:35). There is a continual harvest ready for reaping. My wife and I wish to be a part of those working that field.

Update: It was difficult, but I resigned from active ministry in Miami. I have now completed an internship with a Bahamian Ministry – Transformation Ministries International. That was an amazing experience. Such a great feeling to find people of kindred spirit. I met them while doing ministry on one of the Bahamian Islands.  At the end of the internship the leadership of the church offered to partner with me to realize my vision and burden to plant a church. Funny story – My Dad is a Pastor of a church in Jamaica. He and Mom migrated to the US, taking a leave of absence from the church he founded (back in Jamaica). I always wondered why he never considered leading a church in the US…In the fullness of time… here we are February 2018 – we are partnering together to lead Transformation Ministries Florida. The Bahamian connection realized their vision to expand their borders; my Dad continues to work on his passion and I get to realize my dream and calling. This is church plant numero uno. I expect God will be opening doors to more Mission opportunities. We have our first meeting tomorrow (Feb. 10.18).    I don’t know if I should be nervous or excited. The Lord is doing great things. It is He who said ” Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole of creation” (Mk. 16:15)

Update 2      May 11, 2018. Graduated with my degree in Religious Leadership. Thank you Jesus! Dream realized. It was extremely hard work, but (we) made it. I am so grateful for my loving wife, who has been so supportive. Now, on to degree #2 in Theology. No time to waste…this week is semester #1. God continues to open doors…Oh, we have a baby boy on the way as well!! So many moving pieces. God is faithful. I pray for His continued grace and peace. Blessings!

Update 3      January 25, 2019. It’s almost one year since we planted the Church in Fort Lauderdale. God is adding to His Church. During the past year (2018-19), I have been officially ordained by the P. A. of W. organization as the Executive Pastor of the church plant. Bless the Lord. My wife and I have also been blessed with a son, Alex! Such a handsome fellow. Thank you to all our friends and family who have blessed us with gifts and encouragement during this past year.
Grace & Peace!

Update 4     May 13, 2019. Wow! Almost to the date, one year ago I graduated with a Bachelors in Religious Education. Bless God, over the weekend, I was privileged to have earned and graduated with my Master’s in Theology. What a journey. Thanks to my loving wife and family. Special thanks to my new-found church family here in The Bahamas for their support and the platform afforded me to do ministry while I study.
Since the last update, I have been appointed the role of National Sunday School President for the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos region. What a tremendous opportunity to promote the Kingdom Agenda. I crave your prayers and support in this assignment.
And now….the BIG ONE. Today…today…I  officially begin coursework in my Doctor in Christian Educational Leadership program. Dr. Myles Monroe has encouraged his listeners to write that vision down…well, here we go; that vision takes on yet another shape. Lots of work ahead. Many lives to shape, but more so, I expect God to shape me into His likeness even more. The work of the teacher is no easy task. I expect there will be challenges along the way…But God! The Mission is clear – Go!

Update #5    May 18, 2020. This update, once again, is being done almost one year to the last update/entry. Thank you, Jesus, for another year. We now enter year 2 of the Ed.D. program; quite the challenge. In my last entry, I stated, “I expect God to shape me into His likeness…” Well, he has not disappointed. As a matter of fact, my current class is primarily about theological anthropology. A coincidence? No. It has been a difficult year. Lots of doubts. Feels like I have written my hand off…so much reading. I am surrounded by a sea of books, and at times it feels like my life is falling apart. Interestingly, I have not gone out of my way to make my own life miserable – the tests just keep coming. At the beginning of this Ed.D. program, we were asked to list the challenges of the academic journey… well…I now understand why so many of my classmates list the battle of the mind as the most pressing challenge, and the need to have already resolved “why you are here.” As I write this update, we are living in Nassau, The Bahamas, and seemingly, we are on the declining curve of the Coronavirus. Such a difficult time in our world. Despite the challenges, I am pushing ahead (the Lord is my strength). May God continue to pour out his mercy, grace, and peace upon us.

Update 6   Today is May 10, 2022. It seems like I return to my blog each year around this time. Thanking God for His keeping care along this journey we call life. Just finished praying with a Brother and Pastor in Pakistan, and I was so moved by the work he and his team are involved in – bricklaying is not an easy task. Life is so different in Pakistan. I hope to collaborate with some folks to help the Pakistan brethren in the near future. Well… I successfully defended my dissertation proposal last week. Thank God! I passed. So grateful for the support I’ve had along the way in climbing the dissertation mountain. Two more classes to go after the review board process – conducting the research, then defending the dissertation. Looking forward to going into the field and learning from Bahamian church leaders.

Since the last update, I have partnered with a team to start a non-profit with 3 objectives: Feeding (food and personal care items distribution), Serving (through a church), and Educating (community-led partnerships). Hoping to do significant work here in The Bahamas this year. Pushing ahead! The Lord is our strength.

Update 7

Bless the Lord! I have completed doctoral studies, and have earned a Doctor of Christian Educational Leadership degree. What a journey. I am grateful for the leaders who opened up their doors and allowed me to conduct research. It may have been the first of its kind in The Bahamas. What a privilege. I learned so much from the men and women of God who are dedicated to Missio Dei advancement. Undoubtedly, the kingdom of God is positioned for greater success when leaders collaborate and utilize transformational leadership. Looking forward to the next phase of the leadership journey. See you in the field. 

The Mission: “To do the Will of Him who sent

                       me and to accomplish His work” (Jn. 4:34)

Here We Go! In the Name of Jesus!